Victory over our enemies is the reward God has for those who seek him. We have a continual battle each day that does not waiver and does not cease. If we are not warring against our mind, we are against family, or friends, and other humans. It seems that our wars never end. The bible teaches us that we have different types of battles, but that the victory is ours (1Cor15:57). Some of our battles happen away from home; at work, school or church, and our enemy is not carnal (Eph6:12). So, no matter the reasons for us engaging in war and battle our enemy is the same. He; the enemy, does not rest. The bible tells us that he lurks around us like a roaring lion seeking to whom he may devour (1Pt5:8). So, how do you know if you are in a battle? There are several signs that identify’s a spiritual battle is going on, and one of them is a sudden feel of lose or troubles. Also, attacks of physical danger, illness, increase temptation, feeling of overwhelm or fear, and deep confusion are signs of war.

1 Chronicles 15:17 17 But the high places were not taken away out of Israel: nevertheless the heart of Asa was perfect all his days.

God promises that we have the victory in Christ and that though we will have troubles in this life we are more then conqueror’s (Ro8:37, Jh16:33). Now, King Asa had just come victorious from battle and was feeling pretty good. But, the battle that he was coming to was going to be more difficult, so God sent him a prophet to encourage him. This battle that he was going to engage in was not like the one he had just finished winning with flesh and blood, it was a spiritual battle in taking down idols at home. His family and friends got involved with idolatry and lifted high places. The people of God knew how God felt about idols because of the 10 commandments; the 2nd commandment in Exodus 20:4, and yet they continued to set them up. King Asa made the decision to bring the idols down at home and went throughout Israel destroying them and he even took down his mother’s idol and removed her from her position as queen. Yet, a high place remained; to which King Asa neglected to bring down, and it is a reminder that high places may still exist in our lives that we may not be ready to bring down. The symbolic significance of high places are those things that the highest place in priority in us; our children, job, relationship, homes and ourselves.

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