Learning a new language gets harder as we age, but when one is a youngster its not so hard. In fact, studies suggests that in order to learn a new language full immersion is the most effective way to go.  Language is a set of words that is shared among the same culture, but those words can be corrupted making part of the language corrupt. No matte what language we speak someone down the line has made it corrupt (Eph. 4:29). Paul spoke to the church to remove filthy language away from the their mouths because it is not pleasing to God (col. 3:8).  Corrupt language is not just cussing, but it includes lying, and double standard speech; Jesus called Satan’s language a lying one (Jh. 8:44).  Now, God has a language of which words share a common culture, and like all language some have tried to corrupt it with their actions. The question that comes to mind is, how do we really know when God is speaking, or what is he trying to say? Many people have a difficult time understanding what God is saying these last days because they do not know his words after all the first thing in learning a language is know the words.

John 8:43

43 Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say.

There was a problem between the religious people and the Jesus, they had a language barrier. They spoke the same language both Jesus and the religious, they had the same dialect, but something was wrong. The religious people had not taken the words of God spoken by the prophets and the ancients serious enough and they had spread it throughout as it happened with the tower of babel (Ge. 11:6). The people throughout the earth had decided to unite with one language and become one people they understood that a united language was a powerful one. But, their language became corrupt and strange once the people decided to exclude God from their lead it became strange and out of place. What is amazing about God is that no matte how strange the language have gotten they will listen (Ez. 3:5-7). When we allow God as our lead and immerse our selves into his words no matte what language we speak someone will listen (act. 2:6).

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