A Cause

Worthy to mention Words have major effects on our lives. The things we hear from others on a repeated bases soon will enough will impact our lives either positively or negatively. In the 90’s young people were being plagued with the drug LSD to committing suicide after the use. Reports said that young people were

His print

The gospels The New testaments begins with the four gospels of Jesus Christ; the Son of God. And, the writers of the gospels each with their unique writing styles addressed the concept of God’s plan of salvation for his people and mankind in general. In the plan of salvation, the gospels point out the divinity,


Beyond the normal Going that extra mile for others or unlike others has a name. It is called walking in perfection. Each day as we look at our deficiencies and make adjustments to better them we experience perfection. Now, no one has attained the fullness of being perfect except The Lord, not even the greatest